Picture That Speaks A Thousand Words Breaks The Internet!

Image: Laralyn M RiverWind

Laralyn M RiverWind

All this is from God, who through Messiah reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation – 2 Corinthians 5:18

This woman was compelled to ask a Native American man for forgiveness for everything that happened with their ancestors. It’s no secret how badly the native American people were treated by Europeans. For this, on behalf of her ancestors, she asks for forgiveness in this powerful photo of the two. Indeed, this photo speaks more than 1 thousand words.

My Arawak Taino people were almost destroyed by the Spanish. The Native American Holocaust began with our tribe. We are the tribe of first contact and the first to be call “Indio” , the first to be enslaved and it was our ancestors that discovered Columbus wandering lost on the ocean.

I thought I was healed from the pain, bitterness and hurt but these things come in layers I have learned. Creator was about to do some heart surgery on me. At The Call Azusa The Creator told me to walk up to a young lady who had a flag wrapped around her waist.

The Lord had told her that morning to wrap the flag around her waist and to stand in a certain place at a certain time. Odd as it sounded she obeyed just as we obeyed when The Lord told us to change our plane tickets two months ago not knowing Azusa was taking place. But we obeyed like this young lady did.

I asked her…”where are you from?”

“Espana(Spain)” she replied

I broke into tears, there were still layers of hate and bitterness that I did not know I carried. I pleaded her forgiveness and then she began to weep and repented for what her Spanish ancestors had done to my people. She then knelt and placed her hands on my feet as she wept uncontrollably, pleading forgiveness.

I picked her up and embraced her as the Holy Spirit healed my heart through true repentance and reconciliation. I will never forget this moment.

Article: Laralyn M RiverWind