A Branch From A Tree Hit Her As She Stood Up To Get To The Lower Level

What was supposed to a fun night filled with friends and laughter, turned into a true horriffic night for Lauren Guerra. Her friends had rented a double decker Starline party bus for Halloween night 2 years ago. Starline gave no formal warnings of any kind to the passengers when they released the bus to them. During the drive, Lauren stood up to go to its lower level when she was suddenly hit by a tree branch. She sustained an injury that caused her eye to swell exponentially.

The bus then tried taking her to the emergency room, but found that it was closed. Instead of taking Lauren to a different hospital, the bus driver dropped off the other passengers first, then dropped Lauren off at her car.

Guerra said that medical bills cost her $300,000 and the injury she sustained was that of having permanent crossed eyes.

9 months later, 16-year-old Mayson Sussett was killed by a freeway sign in an overpass.

Teen Killed By Sign On Double Decker Bus

Image: Daily Mail/KTLA News Coverage

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Video/Article: DailyMail