Woman That Has Fostered 200 Children Receives A $50k Award!

Foster mom 200 kids

Image: KTLA

Alena Strickland is your modern day selfless person. She has fostered more than 200 children over the years, many of them with mental, emotional and physical disabilities. She has helped kids from broken families heal, and now, she is being awarded!

Her story began 27 years ago, when Strickland’s infant daughter, Jamie, became hospitalized. In that same hospital, Strickland saw a baby that was left abandoned for being terminally ill. Strickland ended up taking the infant home so that it would not die by itself.

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Strickland, who has three biological children, ended adopted 14 of her foster children in her early years of taking in foster children.

It was amazing to see that Strickland received a $50,000 award from “5-hour ENERGY Helps Amazing People.”

Strickland plans to use the money to start an elementary school at the Dream Center in Los Angeles for homeless children in the area.

You can see the video HERE.
Video/Article: KTLA