Heartwarming Story Of How A Complete Stranger Helped Change A Woman’s Life In One Simple Act Of Kindness!

Cara Grace Duggan from Belfast, Ireland, was on Gumtree looking for a Nutribullet system to help give her mother the nutrients she needs to help battle cancer. When she emailed a man who was selling a second-hand Nutribullet that she needed, his response and action was more than she could have ever asked for.

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The seller, after being told that Cara needed it for her sick mother, went out of his way to purchase a brand new system, ordered a same-day delivery and even paid for all of the postage so that all she had to do was go pick it up! When she thanked him for his act of kindness, he was nothing short of humble.

“Don’t say thanks to me. In fact, thanks to you for giving me this opportunity.”

(Courtesy of Cara Grace Duggan)

(Courtesy of Cara Grace Duggan)

Article: Sunny Skyz