Mom Is Going Through A Difficult Journey – She’s Having A Rare Amount Of Babies!

Image: The West Australian

Image: The West Australian

The blessing that Kim Tucci and her husband have received is that of family! God has indeed taken extra time to bless them a big family, as they are about to more than double in size!

Having to naturally conceive quintuplets is a 1 in a 60 MILLION chance! Kim and her husband, along with their 2 daughters, are eagerly awaiting their quints.

In just a few weeks, Kim’s due date will come, and 4 girls and 1 boy will be making their way into our world.

There is however, one thing that Kim is also eagerly awaiting: a good night’s sleep.

Through her many blogs, she has written about her dozen nightly trips to the bathroom and the uncomfortableness that has come with her pregnancy.

Image: Joyce Mary

Image: Joyce Mary

“It’s getting harder as each day passes to push through the pain, every part of my body aches and sleeping is becoming very painful,

Sometimes my pelvis becomes so stiff I can barely walk and my hips feel like they are grinding away constantly,” she says.

There are at times when Kim feels she is at “full capacity”. It’s very understandable that she would feel that way. Simply put, the babies are crowding her body. According to doctors, she should be consuming up to 6,000 calories per day. However, Kim has admitted that she cannot keep up with such a diet. This has led to a small appetite and hours of reflux.

Image: Joyce Mary

Image: Joyce Mary

Kim has been watching her body as it has transformed. Such pregnancy has pushed her body to its limits, both physically and emotionally.

“My skin on my belly is so stretched its painful and hot to touch, it literally feels like I have hives,” she writes. “I have a lot of stretch marks now, dealing with such a huge change in my body is hard.”

How has she kept herself sane? Kim says that her husband has been her inspiration throughout all this.

“My husband always reminds me I should wear my stripes with pride and that I should be proud of them and what my body has achieved. Without him I would have broken down along time ago. People always ask how am I so calm about everything, he is my reason. Is it all worth it? Yes!!!! I will keep pushing through.”

Kim has stayed away from relying on painkillers, and has been using a local massage therapist to help her relax some of the comfort away.

“I will admit it will be nice to have my body back, enjoy some wine and oysters and sleep through the night without needing the bathroom a minimum of 12 times,” she says.

Despite of all she’s been going through, she knows it’s worth it because she knows that God has bestowed such a beautiful blessing onto her and onto her family!

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