Woman’s Post To Facebook While Driving Brings About Tragic Consequences

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Image: Courtney Sanford

Courtney Sanford’s day had started as any other ordinary day. While on her way to work in her Toyota Corolla, one of her favorite songs “Happy” came on the radio. Courtney decided to take a selfie and share the moment on Facebook. Little did she know, this was going to be the last selfie she was ever going to take…

Image: tuxboard.com

Image: tuxboard.com

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Courtney’s grave mistake was not pulling over to take the picture. Instead, she opened up her phone’s photo app, posed, and snapped the photo. She was uploading the picture onto Facebook when her car swerved across to the other lane and collided head-on with oncoming traffic at 45 miles per hour.


Image: thecarcrashdetective.com

Courtney’s Corolla collided with a 24,000-pound recycling truck. As you can imagine, the Corolla was no match for the recycling truck.

Courtney worked in the health care industry, and at just 32 years old, her life ended for one mistake that could have been easily avoided.


Image: Youtube Screenshot

Courtney’s accident and its unfortunate cause has been reported over and over again as a warning to all who often make the mistake of checking social media while driving.

We too, urge you to please stop and think before you want to know the latest statuses on social media, it may be a decision between life and death for you and those around you!