Kindred Spirits

Khalia and Tajuana may look like identical twins, but they are not even related. The fact that their paths ever crossed at all is somewhat of a miracle. They have become best friends, now doing almost everything together but a few years earlier they never knew each other even existed.

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Rare Identical Twin Set Friends Meet First Time

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Khalia and Tajuana are not the only nearly identical looking twins out there, and this extraordinary phenomenon actually tends to happen more regularly than you might expect. Photographer, François Brunelle, has spent years searching the world for lookalikes. He is a portrait photographer, so he is trained to notice subtleties and differences; as well as likenesses. His newest project, he tells Inside Edition, is to “find people that look the same and let them experience that first connection in front of the camera.”

Marissa and Christian are another lucky identical couple, happy to have met and befriended each other. They first met as “students at UCLA nine years ago and they’re still best friends.” Marissa explained “We look so much alike, we could be the same person. You never know.”

Identical Twins Find Other Friends Meet

Image: Inside Edition

Another pair of almost identical women from Los Angeles, is Carolyn and Alyson. Their paths had collided at a restaurant where they later discovered they lived only 20 minutes apart from each other. Carolyn said about her first reaction seeing her twin, “I was staring at her saying: ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe how much we look alike.’”

Identical Twins Look Alike Familiar Meet First Time

Image: Inside Edition

That is the reaction Photographer Brunelle is hoping to capture in his images of identical looking people meeting for the first time. The special moment of meeting between the pairs of identical yet unfamiliar people he believes can be a shock, and one certainly worth documenting.

Researchers familiar with the phenomenon say that you could have your own nearly identical twin and not know it as well. The reason being is that there are a “limited number of genes that decide the shape of our features.” At any given time, you could have up to 7 people, in completely different parts of the world, that look exactly like you.

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Article/ Video: Inside Edition