World’s Heaviest Teenager Losses An Amazing 700 lbs – Watch Him Walk For The First Time Since A Child

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In 2013, Khaled Mohsen Al Shaeri, from Saudi Arabia, weighed an astounding 1,345 pounds. It was the highest he’s ever weighed and it left him completely bed-ridden for over 3 years. It was at that point that he was declared the “Worlds Heaviest Teenager.” Now, at 17-years-old, he has lost an astounding 700 pounds, watch the moment he walks again for the first time aided by a walker.

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Three years earlier when he was at his lowest point, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, ordered that he be hospitalized for treatment. In order to get him to the hospital in Riyadh, Khaled had to be air-lifted by helicopter and raised by a forklift into the hospital room.

Worlds Heaviest Man Teenager Looses 700 pounds Walks Again First Time

Image: Reuters

Today Khaled looks to be all smiles, a far cry from his prior life he has dropped over half of his original weight. He really looks and feels like a completely different person and he is happy. According to CNN, “the managing director of King Fahd Medical City, has dubbed him “the smiling man.”

Worlds Heaviest Man Teenager Loses 700 Pounds Walks Again

Image: Youtube/ BIG EAGLE

He is now working on his physical fitness and doesn’t intend to settle, Khaled plans to lose even more weight through his new health program.

Article: Yahoo