She’s The World’s Tiniest Pre-Mature Baby!

World's tiniest baby lives

Image: CEN

Little Emma is breaking records already by just having been born! She came in measuring just eight tiny adorable inches and weighing eight ounces (229g), that’s less than what a grapefruit weighs!

Emilia Grabarczyk is being given the title of the smallest baby ever to survive premature birth.

She was born at 25 weeks in a hospital in the western German city of Witten, near Dortmund.

The previous record was one by Rumaisa Rahman, who was born at 26 weeks at the Loyola University Medical Centre in Chicago weighing 8.6oz.

Doctors have labeled Emilia’s birth as a medical sensation!

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Emilia’s tiny foot measured just over an inch – not much bigger than a fingernail.

World's tiniest baby lives

Image: CEN

There were many difficult days and many tears, but she clearly wanted to survive
Sabine, Emilia’s mom

At the beginning of the 26th week of pregnancy, Dr Sven Schiermeier, chief physician of obstetrics, decided to deliver Emilia by C-section.

He warned Emilia’s mother that if a C-section wasn’t performed, Emilia would die in the womb, since the mother’s placenta wasn’t providing enough to Emilia.

Emilia’s parents Lukas, 34, and Sabine Grabarczy, 30, agreed to the process without question. They prayed and prayed for a miracle, and God answered their prayers!

“For more than six months, it was unclear whether she would survive. Only in recent weeks she is getting more robust.”

As for now, Emilia is now nine months old and weighs 106 ounces!

Article: The Sun