At first glance, the moose looked like it belonged in some sort of horror film or zombie movie. When the pictures first surfaced online, people, as well as trained wildlife biologists, all began to speculate how it could have possibly gotten that way. “Perhaps it was burned in a forest fire,” some said, or maybe it had some type of “rare flesh-eating disease.” The patches of lost fur uncovered a dark, discolored, almost decomposing skin tissue and deeply scarred lesions. However, Alaska resident Patricia Grenier,  the woman who took the picture had a different idea.

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Mystery Zombie Moose Outdoor Country Western Life Bear Attack Scary

Image: OutdoorHub

Grenier, says “she believes it was actually the scars of a brutal bear attack.” She told the Alaskan Dispatch News, “That moose had been attacked by a bear by a neighbor’s house. Everyone thought it had died, but then it was back in the neighbors yard.”

If the moose was attacked by a bear, by the sight of the scarring, it can count itself very lucky to be alive.

Mystery Zombie Moose Outdoor Country Life Surprise Biologists

Image: Outdoor Hub

Wildlife officials are not too sure about the bear attack story, saying, they suspect the culprit might be an infestation of ticks. “Infested moose can have tens of thousands of ticks,” the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (DFG) said in a press release. “One dead moose was documented to have over 100,000 ticks!”

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has made attempts to catch the moose, in order to study the lesions on it’s body but to this day have been unsuccessful.



Article: Outdoor Hub